Clipping Chancellors’ power unacceptable: Sardar Yaqoob



Muzaffarabad:    (Parliament Times)   Former AJK President Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan has said that the incumbent government led by Raja Farooq Haider Khan was hell bent to curtail the powers of the Chancellor of Azad Kashmir Universities.

In a statement issued here on Thursday Khan while voicing his concern over the issue said that the government’s move to clip chancellors’ powers was fraught with serious consequences. “The move taken without consulting higher education experts is doomed to destroy universities”, he said adding that under the guise of the new move the government will make appointments and transfers on political grounds, which will paralyze the whole education system besides destroying the merit and future of students.

“Today, students from Occupied Kashmir, Gilgit, FATA and other areas of Pakistan are studying in the universities of Azad Kashmir”, he said adding that if the government could not build more universities it should not at least destroy the established ones. Terming the Govt.’s move as unacceptable Khan said that he would take the next step after consulting all the opposition parties if the government proceeded with same plan.