Letter the editor


Greed and selfishnessEveryone in the world from the beginning to the end of his life faces a huge
number people these include negative and positive minded people during people make immense
friends.accordingly, Every human being is different mentally and naturally, psychologists and
researchers said.The psychology is says that everyone borns same but lives differently and some
become stubborning, greedy, resentful, angry, and some become hostile in heart. Also, Corrupt,
cunning, selfish, egoistic, greedy, stingy, stingy, vindictive, jealous, cowardly, impatient There are
ungrateful, informers, good people and there are generous, brave, forgiving, pure hearted, believer,
patient, thankful, helpful, pious, devout people in the world but this blog is just to tell you about greedy
and selfish friends who are very humble to their friends.The psychologists have read the inner workings
of every human beings and has come up with a good explanation. One of the greatest predictions of
psychologists is that every human being sees his true identity in anger, but our subject today is greed
and selfishness. Many people in this world are greedy and selfish. According to psychologists. People
who have these two habits can not be anyone's friend in reality. In friendship, they study to give their
lives, money and time, but alas! people with the se qualities can not makethese sacrifices. Therefore,
they cannot be good friends untill they do not leave greed and selfishness.However, such kind of people
are not only unable for friendship but also such people are not able for partnership, as well as they can
never be satisfactory companions, neighbors, wives and husbands, because they only see their own
profit.Bakhtiar Rahim BalochWorld blood donor dayWorld blood donor day is observed on 14th June in
order to to highlight the importance of blood. This year the theme was “safe blood saves lives”. Due to
pandemic, world is experiencing huge hardship in every walk of life. Anemia, thalassemia, hemophilia,
hepatitis and cancer patients have suffered the most. Poor had unfortunately bore the brunt of
worldwide lockdown. This year potent donors are confined at their home, that creates mass difficulty

for patients. Concerned authorities should support the needful keeping in view such patients .Aisha
Lareb MemonStudents & Covid-19Covid-19 has seriously impacted the lives of many people.Students
are also afflicted by the novel coronavirus . Their academic courses are disturbed. They are lagging in
their fields and their talent is gradually diminishing. However, it is due to the networking that we are still
connected to each other while physically being at a long distance . And it is because of networking that
education has started taking its pace forward with the arrangement of online classes. But It is very
difficult for the students to attend online classes as many of the them live in rural areas where they get
limited access to the internet.It has become almost a headache for the students to attend the classes
with reliable internet access and also at the same time, to grasp the ideas and concepts on online calls
where noise problems are due to occur. In this process, students may become able to complete the
course within the time limit but their understanding of the course, however, will remain at a low
ebb.Kamran MaharTears fallingThe holy, joyous, and precious day of Eid-ul-Fitar is celebrated annually
by Muslims. Poverty has tarnished the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters, mothers, many of whom
have no access to food, water, and shelter. I have more often than not, seen the poor around me on this
day, but this time I could not help but allow myself to tear up at their misery. On one side, there are
those celebrating, and on the other, there are those desperately in search of food. I humbly ask my
people to be modest in their festivities and give back to the community, for even Allah says, if you give
to the poor, it is as if you are giving to the Lord almighty himselfParvez Moula Bakhsh.A tragedy waiting
to happenPakistan’s transport industries must offer citizens safe and reliable transportation within the
country’s geographical boundaries and beyond. All civilian airports were built far away from residential
areas and were usually located in cantonment areas, which until the late ’70s were free from
commercial activities, housing societies, plazas, and marriage halls, etc. Unfortunately, today, all these
airports experience frequent bird hazards which pose a threat to any aircraft especially in the initial
stages of take-off or approach. I shudder to think of the catastrophic loss of human life not just to those
aboard, but also those residing in the housing societies that have mushroomed on the periphery of all
our civil airports.

Malik Tariq Ali