’Undead Fantasy’’


Abid Shahin

Undead Fantasy’ is a collection of poems written by Abid Shahin, dwells in Sopore from North Kashmir.
This is the Author’s debut book through which he made an extraordinary entry in the planet of literature
at a very young age. Reviewing a book means mirroring your inner and outer self that what you discover

from the depths of words especially when it comes to poetry. I have great interest to read the poetry
from my inward eye that sometimes takes me to another words but most of the poets could not make
justice with my taste. Reading the book ‘’Undead Fantasy’’ is highly twisted all together with passionate
longing, pain and reveals the solid elements of inner cry with the taste of mystic approach. This book is
going to put the considerable upshot over the readers those who are trapped by mystic grounds and
want to give some toxic essence to their unhealed souls. The language and the emotions which the
author has gone through would lead everyone to the heights of rapture and tranquility, I wonder how
can a young boy in his twenties could play art fully with the words like Abid, this would not let me
wonder alone but it may put the same impression on the reader whosoever goes through these poems.
Writing poetry in such a beautiful expression as Abid did is not every-body’s cup to pour. His thought
process forces a reader to see the real power of words in the form of verse. Apart from language and
dictions this book giver the absolute resemble with the works of Mulana Rumi, shams Tabrez, Dr Iqbal
and a gentle touch to revolution circumstance of his motherland , Kashmir. This book also wakes the
reader to inquire about real wisdom of courage, conscience, self dignity and liberty. So in this deep
regard the author has succeeded to give a courageous message to his growing audience too. Most of the
poetry books fail to capture the attention of reader holding a book in the hands for a long time
particularly when someone reads a home writer but reading ‘Undead Fantasy’ will never do the same
because the emotions and ideas in the poems compels to stay longer and sail in the ship of savor for as
longer as one can. The most experiencing tool one must observe in this book is deep concern of
philosophical edge and longing of immortal love which can be never be understood in one’s teens , Abid
is well versed in setting the pains and tenderness of union which a teen ager hardly can clutch easily. He
had great quality of living and let everyone live the words like mot wander and blazing for some
especial inhalation. This book had an outcome of hibernation as I read I was completely ruptured and
shaken my inward self. The entire collection is a beauty of thought, though every poem has its elegance
to talk with reader in some different way, while a few of the pours the madness over the readers like a
poem… One the banks of Walur, I found myself besides Rumi And the Shams enjoying the divine drink
Playing mystical Sagas from Mathnavi While my sight remained Focused upon those bottles, beneath
Rumu’s foot was experiencing divine sights Rumi poured divine wine, For that, I had searched. Desolate
deserts all alone Even my own shadow Shams told me ‘’ my existence is woven darkish by lies For his
verses pierced deep my depths’’ For his vocals voyagd me to worlds unseen. These lines have message
of knowing the levels of author, completely filled with depths of longing and hope for immortal taste of
love. We congratulate our young and energetic poet Abid for more and more success in his future
books. We want him to come up with many more books like this and let us pour the taste of divinity.
ReviewerQasim KashmiriAuthor of…Behind the veilSecret of Dark NightsThe Ashes

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