Journey towards independence

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Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
Several countries initiated their struggle for independence before and after the Muslims of India some
of these were blessed with independence before the Muslims of India and some after the creation of
Pakistan. Some countries, which got independence after Pakistan are now far more advanced than
Pakistan, in every sphere of life. These countries like China etc. have attained marvelous achievements
in every walk of life. We can say that these countries are at the highest pinnacle of mundane progress
and glory. One is amazed at the enigma, why these countries are so much advanced in every sphere of
life while Pakistan has lagged behind these, having won independence before these countries. The
rumination of unknotting the enigma reveals the glaring fact that these countries have a series of
patriotic, sincere, loyal dignitaries, who worked hard and spent their whole life to serve their countries,
while unfortunately we remained shorn of the blessing- having after Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(RA) and Liaqat Ali Khan a series of so called leaders who had no faith in having the spirit of serving the
country. Those who jumped upon the opportunity to pretend to be the leaders of the nation have
neither an iota of professional capability as well as the slightest manifestation of loyalty, sincerity,
devotion, dedication and zeal to serve the nation. The Muslims of India have earned independence after
incessant, prolonged and thorny struggle for independent beloved homeland but unfortunately
immediately after independence a syndicate of so called, selfish leaders emerged out like a mushroom
growth and with criminal manoeuvring snatched the reins of state. This mushroom mafia got multiplied
within no time and formed itself into hundreds and thousands of splinter fanged formations, who have
now pierced their fangs into the flesh of the decrepit, feeble masses, who have no guts to thwart the
nefarious designs of blood sucking mafia. So many demagogues came to screens to pose to be sincere
and loyal leaders of the nations but after wastage of a long span of time it came to the knowledge of the
masses that they were the jokers who played their part of drama and scrammed off. In the forgoing
scenario it is crystal clear that the destination of independence proved a mirage but journey towards
independence is not a waste of time, it is a universal truth that the struggle of nations for the right cause
never goes waste. Dedication, devotion, sincerity, loyalty to just cause are the traits which make the
struggle to embrace success. Out of 73 years almost half of the era have been spent under dictatorship,
it means Pakistan is of the age of nearabout 36 years while the neighboring country China is fortunate
to be of the full age of 72 years, as it was liberated almost a year after the independence of Pakistan.
None dared even in our perennial enemy India and our ever cordial friend- the friendship higher than
Hymalia- China to usurp the rights and liberty of these two nations. We will have to struggle more to
achieve the target of independence, in its real incarnation, because our caravan have been attacked and
looted half way by the bandits. We will have to struggle with more zeal and fervour to achieve our goal-
independent Pakistan not in the sense of independence from foreign yoke but from the cruel clutches of
within the fabric parasites of the nation, who are sapping the blood of the nation and undermine the
just cause of Pakistan, the strongest nation of the comity of nations. Despite all evils and impediments

in the way of economic, political and social liberation we are incumbent to continue our struggle and
dedicate our lives to save the country from, half the way bandits, and endeavour hard to realize the
dream of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the renaissance of Islam
and Pakistan at the highest pedestal of being strongest economy of the world and the peaceful, tranquil
abode for the Muslims, capable of protecting the life and liberty of its inhabitants.

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