Subsiding economy


The novel corona virus have been affecting the globe dreadfully. On 26th Feb 2020 the virus entered Pakistan by means of students with the travel history from Iran. The spread of this anguish virus has hit Pakistan’s economy badly ostensibly which upgraded slowly under the shed of IMF programme. Although the federal government of Pakistan have granted the relief package of 1.2 trillion rupees to the vulnerable portion and slum areas of the country so that the stove stay lightened and the basic necessities for living lives could be facilitated . The troublesome situation within and after the lock down looks dire,negative 1.3 percent GDP will be experienced by Pakistan said the WORLD BANK latest south Asian Economic focus report Which could lead an unemployment 500 in number. And this leads the unemployment to come under the poverty line about 20 million with this the poverty ratio has an uptick impact about 100 million.The hunger can also increase crimes rate in Pakistan.

Areeba sadaf