Lockdown or lockup?

Quarantine, lockdown, and physical distancing are one of the useful ways to minimize the spreading of coronavirus among communities, and if these steps were taken effectively, we would have been in a better position. After the first lockdown of 15 days, we had a clear picture of the affected people and the healthy community.  The second step should have been the treatment of the infected and the isolation of others. The third step should have be the disinfection of markets and public places while the fourth should have been lifting of the lockdown towards a normal life with extra care followed by strict SOPs. Unfortunately, this has not effectively happened in Pakistan because of several multi-dimensional reasons including failure of proper coordination between federal and provincial governments, the non-serious attitude of the general public toward a pandemic, lack of trust on the government, disobeying of lockdown policies, economic crisis and failure of the government to address the problem of daily income wagers.


Fayyaz Salih Hussain


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