EU Parliamentary Research report exposed India: AJK president


MUZAFFARABAD:   (Parliament Times)    The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan while welcoming the report of the European Parliament’s Research Service has said that it effectively highlights the horrendous Indian actions in occupied Kashmir and the worst discriminatory treatment towards the Indian Muslims.


Produced by the research section of the European Parliament, the report stated that after the recommencement of the second tenure of PM Modi’s BJP, the situation in India regarding democracy, tolerance, rule of law, and freedom of religions had been changed.


Commenting on the report, President Masood said that Jammu and Kashmir state is a disputed territory and the determination of its future destiny in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions is still pending. The international community instead of mere expressing concern over India’s unlawful actions in Kashmir should play its role in resolving this issue which has remained unresolved for the last more than 70 years.


The AJK president regretted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attempting to change the demography of occupied Kashmir on the pattern of Israel, but the Kashmiri people have rejected such moves.


“India is also trying to change the demography of Kashmir following the pattern of Israeli settlements in Palestine.” Khan said and added that people of Jammu and Kashmir had never considered themselves as an Indian citizen.

The Modi regime, he said, while playing ethnic and religious card is now attempting to fan anti-Muslim sentiments in India and in this attempt, it is particularly using the Kashmir question in its vicious anti-Muslim campaign.


Sardar Masood Khan said that amidst siege and lockdown which India had imposed in occupied Kashmir on August 5 last year during which thousands of youth were detained in different prisons, India has imposed another lockdown under the garb of the outbreak of coronavirus, thereby putting the lives of the Kashmiri people at risk.


Under the garb of this lockdown, the Kashmir youth are being martyred on a daily basis, and then they are labelled as terrorists, militants, and secessionists though these youth are living in their own homeland which has never been the part of India.


Further commenting on the European Parliament Research Service report, the AJK president said that apart of the report of worth attention in which, it has been stated that the concept of democracy, tolerance, rule of law and interfaith harmony has been replaced by Hindu supremacy and Hindu nationalism which has plunged the future of the whole region into grave danger. “India has linked its citizenship to Hinduism which is a slap on its so-called secular face,” he added.


It may be recalled that the European Parliamentary Service report released a day ago exposed the hate campaign launched by BJP regime in India and its ideological ally RSS against the minorities particularly the Muslims.


The report clearly says that under the label of amendment in citizenship law, the blackest laws have been introduced under which the rights of any citizen in India will be determined on the basis of religion. If this happens, this will be the death of India’s so-called secularism.