Civil Hospital Turbat Lacks Corona Testing Kits And Personal Protective Equipments


This refers to the dearth in Civil Hospital Turbat of corona virus testing kits and personal protective equipments.Turbat, which a prepossessing city of Balochistan. The civil hospital of Turbat which was an emerging and a flourishing hospital during the governance of Dr Abdul Malik Baloch who paid serious heed with a great extent in development of Health sector in all over Balochistan, had a strong strick check and balance over the doctors, and the health sector was too stretching towards betterment. And dispatched each and every circumstance with a great concern. Regreatably, it gashes my heart to state that the Civil Hospital of Turbat is in the looming crisis for corona testing kits and personal protective equipments. Despite the fact that social workers have been tickling this lingering crisis on different flatforms of social media, but it was all in vain. In addition, doctors of Civil hoispital Turbat are not performing their duties owing to unavailability of corona testing kits and personal protective equipments.
As a matter of fact, in current situations Turbat is the example of that warrior who is left on ground of war but given no weapson for the safety. Besides being in the deprivation of corona testing kits and personal protective equipments, there are a many of perpetual crisis existing from a long ago. To illustrate the hospital lacks the vaccine of dog bitten patients called rabbies vaccine, if a dog bitten patient does not receive immediate treatment, the patient does not get a glimpse of hope to survive . Secondly there is no blood bank in Civil Hospital Turbat, this unavailability comes in top list of crisis, absence of blood banks which is risking the lives of hundreds of innocent thalacimia patients. Tormently, just an unavailability makes a mother childless, a sister brotherless, a wife a widow, and a father hopeless. Therefore, it’s a humble request to the government of Balochistan to provide corona testing kits and personal protective equipments for the safety of doctors to Civil Hospital Turbat, as well as take punctive and prompt action to mitigate persisting aforementioned unavailabilities to a degree with concern.

Kashif Sagheer