Red Cent


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 across the globe created an international emergency, the spread of COVID-19 and lockdown in Pakistan, created unemployment for the daily wage workers. Institute of Rural Management(IRM) has a special concern for the distressed and downtrodden, especially in the times of natural calamities and step forward to support them in any way we can. While the world is struggling to fight an invisible enemy; IRM foresees the real enemy, i.e. hunger. Starvation is more lethal than the virus and has the propensity to kill the marginalized segments especially children and women, well before Covid 19 strikes. During these difficult times, this deprived lot is facing the naked reality of malnutrition and food shortage as a result of losing their livelihoods. This underprivileged population has lost their dreams and hopes which would cost dearly to our shared future of a prosperous Pakistan.

From the last 28 years, IRM has been working with these disadvantaged communities at every step of their struggle. To combat the crippling effect of COVID-19, IRM attempted to create a meaningful social impact through distribution of ration (food and essential items) and raising awareness among the less aware families of our beneficiaries.

IRM has distributed essential ration to over 600 vulnerable families of brick kiln workers, women headed households and extremely poor subgroups in over 10 locations in Punjab and Sindh. IRM is able to do this with the support of many individuals from Pakistan and abroad. We aim to extend support of ration facilities to 2100 families. We hope that this pandemic comes to an end soon.

Rozam Furqan