Modi cannot win Kashmir war by butchering people: AJK president


Emphasizes on his Six-Points for the solution of Kashmir issue,

Our correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD:    Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has strongly condemned the random use of force by the Indian occupation forces against the peaceful Kashmiri protesters following the martyrdom of freedom fighter commander Riaz Naikoo in occupied Kashmir.

“The Indian forces killed one youth and injured more than 50 peaceful protesters in a bid to prevent angry protesters from holding peaceful demonstration after killing of a topfreedom fighter,” Masood said on Saturday.

While expressing grave concern over growing tension between the Indian Army and the resisting youth, he said that the occupation army was indiscriminately using power against the citizens holding peaceful demonstrations in the streets because of the Indian fears that these demonstrations can become a well organized anti-India campaign and may culminate in finishing India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir.

“Even on the fourth day of the martyrdom of Naikoo, the Indian Army has imposed a strict curfew to prevent the youth from coming out of their homes, and holding demonstrations against the Indian army,” he added.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Farhan Mujahid Chak, professor of the department of international relations at the University of Qatar and the chief executive of Kashmir Civitas channel, the AJK president said that the situation in occupied Kashmir has been very serious, and Kashmir is undergoing the darkest period of its history.

He said that the worst situation which we have been talking about, have erupted in the held territory with the start of genocide there. “The BJP-RSS regime is killing defenceless and innocent people in occupied Kashmir. They are being slaughtered, and the youth are being rendered disabled and blind,” he said adding that the worst kind of torture is being perpetrated against political prisoners in prisons, and at the same time, it is being claimed that normalcy is returning to Kashmir.

Sardar Masood Khan said that the imposition of new domicile laws in occupied Kashmir is a naked violation of the UN resolutions, but regrettably, the United Nations, the UN Security Council, Human Rights Council and the International Committee of the Red Cross have adopted a mysterious silence over it. This is only OIC which has condemned this aggressive action of India, he added.

The AJK president stressed that we will have to evolve a a comprehensive strategy to counter India, and presented his six points for this purpose. Explaining his Six-point agenda for Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan called upon the people of AJK and Pakistan to maintain unity in their ranks, do not speak in different conflicting voices. Go back to the international community and multilateral forums to reinvigorate the Kashmir cause from being eclipses behind other issues, leverage strength of the diaspora, use all tools communication and resources to disseminate narrative, make yourself strong economically, diplomatically, and strategically and engage with advocates of Kashmiri rights in India and elsewhere in the world.