Treating Humanity as Red Zones


Barkat Ullah;
Human Rights are norms that aspire to protect all people in the world . Today we came in the world of global village. Often we imagine about sense perception is due to minds conceptions. In fact people’s misunderstanding to deal with things is their biggest fault who are yet not concerned about what humanity behaves. One might guess why the world is put into the cause of catastrophe. What I guess the major thing is about unfair humanity which the world. The main social issue about social justice is Kashmir’s one. In administrated Kashmir, the Kashmir valley is declared as red zone . Meanwhile long – running curbs on the internet have prevented those living in the Kashmir region from accessing information about the virus. Indian armed forces have been entrapping Kashmir. Regardless the virus misinformation fuels hatred against Muslims in India Indian government and coronavirus conspiracy are targeting Muslims a lot . And the country the spread of the virus have been dubbed a “corona jihad