Haji Gulzar hails PM’s decision about relaxation in lockdown


Rawalpindi:   (Parliament Times)    Conditional relaxation in lockdown announced by the Prime Minister Imran Khan was the dire need of the hours to halt the emerging poverty and deprivation of the people, said Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan Advisor to the President PTI North Punjab and Chairman of Global Peace Foundation while talking with trader, labourers and other people belonging to different walks of life here on Friday.

Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan, representatives of real-estate entrepreneurs, Allah Bakhsh Awan, Mohammad Asharf Nasir, Malik Abdul Kareem, Mohammad Saeed, Tufail Awan, Raja Shehzad, traders, labourers and others admired the decision and said with the first and foremost priority of protecting the life and health of his countrymen, the Prime Minister Imran Khan is also fully aware of the emerging unemployment and deprivation of people owing to lock down. Phase wise and conditional relaxation in lock down will not only enable the people to earn their bread and butter themselves but also ensure the implementation of preventive measures against Coronavirus, he added.

Gulzar Awan said although PM Imran Khan launched the most generous and historical social welfare “Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme” to lessen the financial problems of the people but owing to lock down dwindling revenues is not allowing the government to continue its welfare services liquid for much long. “Lifting ban from construction industry, small businesses, vendors and street shops will allow the labourers and traders to meet their household expenses from their own income and their dependency will no longer rest on government or philanthropists”, he mentioned.

While giving admiration to the decision traders assured that they will fully abide by the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and not only enforce them on themselves but also generalize the same. “We shall not entertain any customer coming without face mask, hand gloves and making rush or congestion”, they promised.

Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan stressed upon the people to look into and take their responsibilities with regard to lessen the risks and chances of spreading Coronavirus and take healthy benefit from the relaxation given by the government. They must wash their hands and sanitize them before going out, wear face mask and plastic hand gloves, avoid making crowd and keep safe distance from others to ensure safety. He also advised the traders not to entertain those customers who do not take care of preventive measures. He also advised the people to give and take currency notes with great care as these notes can be most dangerous for spreading the virus. If people do not observe safety measure, virus could be spread and government will have no option but to enforce lockdown again, he concluded.