Fortunately, The city has a Master Plan


Muhammad Sheraz Khan;

Since the beginning of the lockdown it has been observed that the society has developed a good mindset towards the social issues. It is just because of the positive attitude of the young generation. They do discussions about the things & preach what they find apt and adoptable. I really feel pleasure when I see someone doing something for the society. Those people who think about the social crises and do research and give suggestions, are actually the real benefactors. They are people who serve and sustain. While going in the middle of the main road in Rawalakot, my younger colleagues said that despite many threats of smart lockdown there is  something very positive and comfortable. And the half-down has a very healthy impact. I personally felt that wao this can be a great plan— a master plan indeed.  Let me tell you the current situation in Rawalakot city. The traffic-man beckons the traffic to the bypass. Thanks to the boys who help them selflessly. All the traffic has a ban to enter the city. The very first time I actually liked the police. When you enter in the city it looks like, and actually you feel it also, that you’re in a park. Where there is no noise, no pollution, no mind-teasing horns, no threat of being hit by a vehicle, no rushing boy! The city, The pearl and jewel looks too beautiful.  You can see in the picture that there are no more threatening elements, be it a  vehicle or pollution. But I assure through my post experience that once the city is completely open and the mob enters in the city and when the transport gets a way through, the scene will change. Once again we will be having all the fatal stimulants for the Psychology. Once again there will be noise up to ten decibels. Once again the mob will push you, unwillingly. The authorities should think about it. They should arrange the nearby parking places. No any traffic should be allowed to enter in the heart of the city. Let it be a pearl in a real sense. History records that the countries and cities without any master plan are a failure. Infrastructure has a need and quality of spreading. The place once used can’t be mapped again. In this time of poverty, distress and agitation it is a great time and chance for the concerned authorities to plan for the city.

A plan that could sustain. A plan that could free up space. A plan that could help in enhancing the business. A community supported plan can help for a great deal of time. One more thing that I must add here that what a joke is this! In the  heart of the city, a place more prone to diseases, has been selected to dump the daily waste. I feel ridiculous to say that it is the wall of CMH that bears this pain daily. Can we not provide any other place for garbage storage? This is our failure as a  community and Nation. Our belief is that if you’re paid monthly you need not to work. Our workers happily say,” My job is an easy one. I have a very few work to do.” This shows our attitude that we don’t want work actually. Escapism is our prime policy. We are proud of it. But I assure you that this is not going to work for a long time. This attitude has no basis. To make our state prosperous, progressive and stable we are to work;  Work with great zeal and enthusiasm. All we have to do is that we must be positive. We should do for own self. To make a history. To live in the future examples. As a nation we should understand that when you politicise the genuine issues you do harm to the generations. The plant you plant today becomes the tree in future: be it hatred, corruption, nepotism, ignorance or any other crime or be it love, sacrifice, honor or labour.  Live & let live Plan & save future