Chinese state media take aim at US ‘lab theory’


BEIJING:   Chinese state media has accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of lying, after he said there was “enormous evidence” the coronavirus emanated from a laboratory in Wuhan.
Mr Pompeo made the claim on Sunday, without going into specifics.
In an editorial on Tuesday, the hawkish Global Times newspaper said Mr Pompeo was “degenerate”.
The World Health Organization says the US claims are “speculative”, and that it has seen no “specific evidence”.
Editorials in Chinese state media often given an insight into the direction of government thinking, but there has been no official response to Pompeo’s comments as yet.
On Monday,áthe Global Timesáaccused Pompeo of “absurd theories and twisted facts”, and on Tuesdayáthe attack continued.
“Pompeo aims to kill two birds with one stone by spewing falsehoods,” it said.
“First, he hopes to help Trump win re-election this November…second, Pompeo hates socialist China and, in particular, cannot accept China’s rise.”