“Ramadan the month of forgiveness”


Umar Ashraf Bhat;

The Month of Ramadan contains many attributes and blessings. It is the month of fasting to grow in awe of Allah (Mighty and Sublime), cultivating sincerity, renewing patience, standing at night in prayer, and commiserating with the needy and oppressed. This magnificent and blessed month also has built into it the qualities of compassion and forgiveness. Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allah’s Apostle said, “Whoever observes fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.” (Bukhari 2:37) The month of forgiveness has arrived. This is the month of abstinence from the worldly pleasures, the defiance of desires, and the month of pure intentions. Allah granted us this month to purify our wayward hearts from the blackness of sins we have inflicted upon it. It is a month to renew and refresh our life to start worshipping Him. It is a month where we should return and repent to Him and beg Him for salvation.

Forgiveness in the Arabic language is related to the word “covering”. When Allah (Mighty and Sublime) forgives His servants’ sins, those sins are covered on their books of bad deeds as if those sins never took place. Hence when believers filled with compassion truly forgive those who have wronged them, they cover-up in their hearts the wrong that was done to them, not bringing those wrongs up to browbeat people with later or to use as leverage against them. Forgiveness or covering up the wrongs in no way means allowing patterns of continued abuse against ourselves. It is to say, however, that sincere forgiveness is to not harbor animosity against those who have done us wrong. Having mercy for others is not punishing them when afforded the opportunity to. Forgiving those who have wronged us benefits the merciful and forgiving ones, just as benefit comes to the ones shown compassion and forgiveness. Don’t be a servant of Ramadan be a servant of ALLAH be consistent. Ramadan is the best time to make or break a habit. 4 Weeks of mercy, 30 days of worship, 720 hours of Spirituality. 43,200 Minutes of Forgiveness, 2592000 Seconds. of Happiness. Fasting Can help you beat addictions. It gives the digestive system a rest. It is a great way to start a healthy diet. Normalizes insulin sensitivity. Promotes the detoxification process. Can reduce your hunger levels It whitens the eyes and clears the complexionIt can boost the immune system. It can reduce high blood pressure. Whatever is prayed for at the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refused.” So sleepless pray more. –

The writer is a freelance columnist based in Lahore.