Jamhoori League favours Govt on 18th amendment


Lahore : Pakistan Jamhoori League has announced to support governmental stance on 18th ammendment. PMLN and People Party should also support government stance on 18th ammendment in greater interest of Pakistan. He was addressing the workers along with Secretary Information Sohail Ahmed.Doctor Khalid Hamid..Nayb safdar And salman ahmed Chairman Rana Zaman Saeed said that Pakistan is succumbing to administrative and financial crisis in Corona lockdown due to 18th ammendment. Provinces are unable to cope up with crisis because 18th government has wrongly altered governance structure of country. In order to save Pakistan from biggest disaster, 18th ammendment must be rolled back. We announce to provide government unconditional support on ammending 18th ammendment. We also demand national parties, including PMLN and PPP, to leave stubborn mentality to save federation of Pakistan. If they don’t support change in 18th ammendment, people of Pakistan will not forgive them. Strong financial centre is indispensable to save federation of Pakistan from probable crisis.