Media and Mental Health

Lareb Memon;

In the wake of COVID-19, a number of issues has emerged. As a result, media has continuously been awaring masses about precautionary measures and government, at the same time ensures lockdown to control this epidemic disease. Role of media and government is laudable. However, government must facilitate the needy. As per reports, most of people do not receive relief packages and subsidies aimed for poor hit by said virus. What is distressing is that media adds more stress to its consumers which ultimately leads to more stress and anxiety. Media should play more vibrant role beyond showing statistics about infected people and death toll. I believe this is the high time to be ‘Apolitical’ to media. Updating masses is good. But, given situation does not permit because public is already facing significant issues caused by deadly virus. Instead, they must balance their approach, keeping consumers’s health in their mind.

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