Politics as Business

Tahir Jamal.

An easiest way of profiteering with out any efforts is political Business and for the feudals it becomes as simpler as one sided match. Especially in sindh and balochistan where most of the population is under the ceiling of illiteracy, where education gives bleak picture. Deprivation of basic rights gives birth to abject poverty and child labour that in future becomes the reason of impediment in advancement of country. In this constant atmosphere of terror the ordinary people are afraid to speak out in public about their real nature. In this conundrum daily wagers greatly need political support to save them from death of hunger prior to death from virus. I hope one day the clouds of terror will disperse and a new sun of hope will emerge to the best.

Say NO to cold drinks

As the month of Ramzan is at it corners and Majority of muslims fast except few of those who suffer from illnesses. Selling rate of beverages increases in this month as compared to others. The acids and additives play a vital role in ingredients of soft drinks that can squash your health system.

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