India blames Muslims for spread of COVID-19


Barkat Ullah;

While the whole world is finding it difficult to fight against COVID-19. But the PM of India is exploiting the novel coronavirus outbreak to inflame tensions between Hindus and Muslims and snatching minority’s rights in the country . Instead of dealing with coronavirus to combat it , Narendar Modi is using COVID-19 crisis to incite hatred against Muslims.

And under the guise of COVID-19 , the Hindu nationalist is arresting young students . However, the coronavirus death toll in India crossed the 500- mark and number of COVID-19 crossed 17,000 . Indian novelist and political activist Arundhati  Roy while calling Indian treatment of Muslims amid COVID-19 pandemic as genocidal , said India was using coronavirus against  them just like typhus was used against the Jews to ghettoize them .

India has recorded it’s biggest single day spike in coronavirus cases as the government eased one of the world’s strictest lockdowns to allow some manufacturing and agricultural activity to resume . In Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and home to Asia’s largest slum, city authorities were planning to administer hydroxychloroquine to thousands of swell- dwellers over 14 days to gauge whether the drug helped to slow the spread of the disease in a place where social distancing norms aren’t possible to achieve . India has entered the next phase of it’s unique lockdown strategy . India’s main commercial centres are worst affected by coronavirus. Recently the Organization of  Islamic Cooperation’s ( OIC)  human rights body on Sunday condemned the unrelenting vicious Islamophobic  compaign in India  maligning Muslims for spread of COVID-19 . The outbreak of coronavirus in India has presented yet another opportunity to launch a fresh attack on the Muslim community . There has been a sudden surge in Islamophobic hashtags and posts on different social media platforms accusing Muslims of purposefully spread of the virus . While undermining political efforts to end  government sponsored descrimination ,

the outbreak and it’s accompanying anti- Muslims drive may lead to even further ostracization of the community.