Maintaining Social Distancing


Letter to the Editor


The global health emergency could also lead to deep economic recession and great damages . Including Pakistan, the health authorities are continuously working up to find a cure for this virus and the doctors are on front line in Pakistan which their performance deserve immense praise . The partial lockdown is imposed across the country . Secondly the poor people demands for food are very high and are in difficult circumstances . Most surprisingly the public moment and gatherings have been common which there can be terror of COVID-19 since it spread dramatically. Majority of the people in Pakistan are taking coronavirus funny , and showing irresponsible behaviour and are denying to be on lockdown . However, significant social distancing is needed until a vaccine found . In addition to everybody steps to prevent COVID-19, keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools that we can avoid being exposed to this fatal virus and slowing it’s spread locally and around the world . And it’s very important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick . Day by day the cases are steadily increasing and may affect health sectors in the country. It is high time to take strict action against people who are not maintaining social distancing .