Covid 19 and our Psychology


Muhammad Sheraz khan,

Pakistan is a country of beautiful rivers, snow-toped hills, tremendous landscapes and fertile fields. Yet, the surveys showed that the majority of the people is suffering any of the psychological problems like; depression, anxiety inferiority or superiority complex, stress and aggression. This may be because of high inflation rate, uncertain deaths, lack of health facilitation, unemployment, monopoly, corruption and for some other reasons. But the strongest of all is opinion shaping. It had been the tradition since the formation of Pakistan that people had always been facing the problems that had actually never arisen if the planning of the state were successful. Our planning has a deep rooted flaw that is; we always think that how much benefits can it give to our relatives/friends or supporters? This may mean that our attitude is self-centered and our acts rely on individual approach. We have learnt that community is a cheater and we are to think about us. This assumption may be true to a greater majority. This is our general behavior & individual approach. The might is right. Any strong profession can destabilize the government plans just by giving a slight threat. These all things contribute to the psychological problems. A common man believes on what he is told about. He can’t research. He can’t be logical. He can’t resist. He can’t suggest. What we observed during this pandemic outbreak is shocking. Onion can kill the virus. Shuff shuff shuff can cure the noval virus. No scientific approach. This is because we are blind believers. On the other hand no or less food is available, no proper treatment facility for general ailments, no schooling, no earning and the propagandas— does this help to improve mental/spiritual heath? Of course not. Class distinction is another hurdle that plays riddles. Rich gets chance even if the world goes astray. Anarchy like situation yet the rich is benefited. Poor class that is the majority of this very state, has always been ignored. I don’t mean to say that government doesn’t do any good but I assure you that most of the plans fail just because our approach mostly becomes individual. There is something that stands in between the rich and the poor class. Rich help generously but don’t forget to show off. Rich help but they don’t forget to publish. They are our people but they have adopted a political approach. When there is the need of brotherhood then we must leave the political attitude aside. Do good & forget policy will help you actually. Human psychology is a very delicate & weak thing. Man feels. He has innate emotions. He is delighted even by receiving a slightest smile and his heart is broken even with a minimalist ignorance. He is strong very strong but at the same time he is the weakest. As a nation we should care for each other. Crisis, disasters, pandemic, war and all such things come and pass but man still stands to live. Attitude becomes the history. It is the duty of the educated strata that they should get involved in policies, plans, commodities distribution, Ehsas programme & all such activities where there is a fear of injustice & inequality. They should play their part as motivists, moderators & leaders. Nor they should hide. Knowledge, sense, expertise are of no use if these can’t benefit others. History records and saves the acts and deeds. Imagine you’re in paradise and reading your records that are praised by God. Oh, what a pleasure and solace! What can be more than that?