Undermining WHO’s efforts

Qasim Jan;

WHO, The biggest international health body in the world, was accused for being pro-China and US is using it as a scapegoat. Last week, Mr. Trump severely accused global health body for mismanagement and was criticized for being failed to provide timely information during global contagion. Furthermore, Trump stated that WHO was mishandling the coronavirus crisis. But the ground realities are that it was WHO that started awareness campaigns to put the virus at bay. Daily and hourly, WHO keeps a close eye over new developments of coronavirus across the globe and tries to bring forth much-needed advice and warnings to curb the spread of Covid-19. Considering the gravity of situation, such statement during coronavirus pandemic undermines the efforts of WHO and further aggravates the situation as world is preoccupied with Covid-19.The efforts of WHO to contain the Covid-19,of course, deserve immense praise. By collective efforts, all countries would be able to defeat the contagion, otherwise cutting the funding of WHO will probably divide the efforts. To conclude, international community humbly urges Donald Trump not to halt the funding of WHO but to increase the funding so that the containment efforts may be doubled.

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