Overseas Kashmiris urged to avoid unnecessary travel to Pakistan, AJK

MUZAFFARABAD:   (Parliament Times)    AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has appealed overseas Kashmiris living in Europe, UK, USA and other parts of the world to avoid unnecessary travel to Pakistan particularly Azad Kashmir for some time.

As the most of the corona virus positive cases in the state’s southern districts had foreign connection, the Prime Minister in his video message, called upon the diaspora members to stay in their present residential countries, strictly following their laws and suggested precautionary measures regarding the pandemic.

Raja Farooq Haider Khan pointed out corona virus positive cases reported in districts Mirpur and Bhimber had the foreign travel history. “We completely understand your sufferings as you wanted to meet your loved ones. We, for time being, will request you not to travel to the state for the safety of your families”, Haider appealed.

He added that state government is taking solid steps to ensure the safety of the lives of its citizens and assured expatriates that government is taking all possible care of their loved ones.

The Prime Minister said we should not be disappointed and have complete faith in the mercy of Allah, almighty. “The sufferings we are facing now will pass quickly with the divine blessings of Allah.

“We shouldn’t say that we will fight corona and will win it. Firoun were using such words. We need to ask God for his mercy and help to keep us safe”, PM added.

He urged masses to pray to Allah for forgiveness to get out from these sufferings.

Raja Farooq Haider urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to delay the international flights for at-least two weeks so that government could make requisite arrangements to tackle the extra-ordinary situation.

He appealed masses to observe coming Friday as “Youm-e-Astaghfar” and pray to Allah for his mercy and blessings.-END

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