TRDP launches poverty reduction program in district Jamshoro and Dadu

Rehan Ali Khushik,

DADU:   Thardeep Rural Development Program -TRDP launched a poverty reduction program with grant of 22.8 million rupees of EU-European Union in district Jamshoro and Dadu on Thursday.

In Jamshoro district, under the Poverty Reduction Program of TRDP 500 poor women, head of poor families having less income were selected for distribution of EU-European Union grant as 20 thousand rupees each head of family.

Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro captain Fareed u Ddin Mustafa inaugurated the cheques distribution in a program at village Yousif Khoso in Jamshoro district on Thursday.

Aftab Baloch, Coordinator IGG-Income generating grant TRDP, Jai Parkash Program Manager TRDP, Coordinator Human Resource Development TRDP, Abdul Samad Phulphoto, TRDP district manager Jamshoro Nasreen Khan and assistant Mukhtiarkar Feeroze Burfat and local community were present.

In the initial, DC Jamshoro distributed the cheques among 14 poor families-women head of families as 20 rupees each family.

Speaking the inauguration program, Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro Captain Fareed u Ddin Mustaf said in a current situation that has blocked the livelihood opportunities for the labors and daily wages earners in particular, TRDP support to these poor to highly appreciative. He said that TRDP has plan to disburse livelihood grants of more than 22.8 million ( 7.8 million Jamshoro and 15 million in Dadu) districts to the poor identified through poverty score. He said it will provide them an opportunity to secure the livelihoods.

DC Jamshoro Captain Fareed u Ddin Mustafa further said said that team of TRDP had finalized the list of poor women, head of families in Jamshoro district. He said that through TRDP team, survey was conducted in district Jamshoro and 500 poor families having less income were selected in Jamshoro district. He said that process of distribution of checques was started from village Yousif Khoso in Jamshoro district.

He said that with the 7.8 million rupees grant of EU-European Union, the 20 thousands rupees were given to each woman- head of family as support in this difficult time in Jamshoro district.

He congratulated to TRDP team for conducting survey and selecting the real names of poor families having less income.

Speaking the program, coordinator Human Resource Development TRDP Abdul Samad Phulpoto said that the distribution of cheques would be continued properly according to schedules of village to village and it would be monitored strictly.

He said that TRDP under the livelihood program is supporting financial grant to the poor households of Jamshoro district.

He said that the current situation emerged after the government decision of lock down, has blocked all the livelihood opportunities thus badly affected to poor, in particular the bottom one living in rural areas.

Aftab Baloch, Coordinator IGG-Income generating grant TRDP said that said that the cash grant in form of IGG-Income Generating Grant can be the effective one to curtail the situation by securing their livelihoods besides letting the shock deteriorates further to their lives by stepping down in their poverty score available with us under the SUCCESS poverty rank results.

He said that Since, TRDP has already been allowed by the district government through a notification to start the activities that benefit poor wherever possible in its programme area.

Jai Parkash program manager TRDP said that availing it and keeping in view such difficult situation when poor look at TRDP and pins their hope towards us. He said that obeying with the guidelines on social distancing and other safety protocols by local provincial and federal government, TRDP starts disbursing the IGG as per need of the time and demand by the community.

TRDP district manager Jamshoro, Nasreen Khan said that the names of 500 poor families having less income were selected through adopting the system of survey in a transparent way. She said that it was grant for poor women as they can run the system of their homes.

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