I’m against domicile

Paray Irtiza Azhar

We all people of occupied valley are aware of the fact that it’s time when our so called govt should tackle with the problem that’s disaster for we people and for whole world as well but unfortunately they are looking for the ways through which they can make us more weak and feeble. They are putting our lives in danger and they are behaving carelessly towards us. They are doing their best to make us feeble, to make us weak, to make us slaves. In this era of internet and technology,only our valley is excluded from the facilities that are indeed our basic needs. Our leaders are behind bars and chain,our well wishers are being muted,our young blood is being locked up in the houses and bondaged in prisons. We are being oppressed and tortured from years and no one literally among humans remember. I’m talking of humans who didn’t take these things seriously and ultimately result is curfew, ban on internet and much more.
Today as the whole world is fighting against the pandemic, our so called Indian nation is busy with acts like domicile, CAA and many more. Seriously are we people supposed to be the citizens of such a country where in at this time when this disaster hit all of us they are busy with depressing and lowering our strength by doing political strategies like vanishing of 370 and now the domicile. Ooo people of Kashmir please woke up and try to understand the things and facts they are not here for our so called development and prosperity, they are here to kill us they are here to assassinate us in different ways. They are by themselves making the laws they are breaking the laws they are independent and no one is able to Cross examine them here.
Domicile is just another step to make the things worse here, to depress us physically and mentally as they are doing from decades. Their objective is to make Kashmir a Hinduta state as that is aware from the facts and circumstances.
our responsibility in this situation is just unite and fight against them. Let’s fight against this Battil( ) together and Co-operate with our resistant leadership. Another trouble for we people is our leaders are behind bars now what to do is to follow the Quran and Hadith as they are the main source of everything and it’s obligatory for all of us to follow the two. But following the resistant leadership as our Quran says, ‘ and obey to those who are in authority’. Rest keep trust on Allah and hope for his blessing he is the best plain maker of all if we are United and faithful no one can damage us no one can destroy us.

(Paray Irtiza Azhar  is a Kashmir-based writer and BA LLB student of Kashmir University Indian Occupied Kashmir. Can be reached at [email protected] )

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