Hindutva ideology and BJP

Qasim Jan,                                               Letter to the Editor

Hindutva is an ideology which was brought into existence by Hindu nationalists of RSS.The Hindutva ideology revolves around superiority of Hindus.Hindu nationalists blindly accept Hindutva ideology and they believe that Hindustan belongs to Hindus and they will only live there .As Nazi ideology was against Jews,the Hindutva ideology is against Muslims.Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) is a politicial wing of  RSS.Additionally,BJP is highly inspired by facist Nazi leader,Adolf Hitler.History is a testimony to the fact that Indian Muslims have come under brutal attacks several times due to Hindu extremists atrocities.A mob containing RSS goons demolished the babari mosque and sealed off the babari mosque for a long period of time.Narenda Modi was the chief minister (CM) of Gujrat when Gujrat massacre took place in 2002.Muslims were killed,raped and driven from homes.Roughly 2000 Muslims were killed by Hindu extremists of RSS in Gujrat massacre.Narenda Modi holds cordial relations with RSS and he has been a member of RSS,too.5th August abolition of Kashmir status was a top agenda of BJP and the dream came true by adoption of an inhumane approach.Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which resulted in widespread and lasting protests was an agenda of Modi’s government,too.Recent anti-Muslim violence with the arrival of Donald Trump in Delhi sparked hatred in the hearts of Hindu extremists who left Indian Muslims homeless,burned mosques and killed almost 40 Muslims whereas injured some 200 Muslims.This facist Hindutva ideology is changing the socio-culture landscape and internal dynamics of India.It also has serious reprecussions regionally and internationally.

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