The role of Balochistan government to combat Corona-virus

QUETTA,(Parliament Times): Today, the humans across the globe are facing the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus after a gap of nearly hundred years. Like other countries in the world Pakistan too is facing a similar challenge to combat this pandemic, which on one side is quite distressing while on the other it has become a great challenge for those who are at the helm of affairs.

It is one of the most important and most intriguing aspects of human history that humans have always toiled hard to cope with such a kind of epidemics and are still struggling hard to save and protect the lives of their fellow human beings from the danger s of the deadly diseases. Since the corona virus outbreak has been declared as global pandemic it has become a prime responsibility for both government as well as the people to fight this menace together with courage and resilience. The Central and provincial governments of Pakistan are trying their level best to cope with this pandemic with better utilization of available resources.

The Corona virus attack in Pakistan began in the Taftan area of Balochistan adjacent to Iran border. Unfortunately, a large number of pilgrims coming from Iran were infected with corona virus. Taking serious notice of the issue, the government of Balochistan instantly setup quarantine centers to treat the visitors coming from Iran. Since the day one, the Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal gave serious attention to this problem by utilizing all available resources. Visitors were put in quarantine centers and suspected patients were kept under observation in separate rooms. It is a fact that the only cure for this disease is to isolate the patient from the rest and provide immediate treatment. Ban on social gatherings of any kind are also helpful in preventing the spread of the disease despite the fact that it is a daunting task to keep a man in isolation. Italy serves as a great example for rest of the world, where despite all the efforts of the government, precautionary measures could not be adopted in time. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent the deadly effects of the outbreak in Italy today.

The role of government of Balochistan and particularly the steps taken by the Chief Minister Jam Kamal to combat corona virus are highly appreciable. People from different areas of the country have appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of Balochistan chief minister. In particular, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and Prime Minister Imran Khan have praised the government of Balochistan and Chief Minister Jam Kamal for his remarkable role in dealing this daunting challenge. However, it is goes without saying that Balochistan is the country’s largest but poorest province in terms of resources. Within the limited resources the provincial government cannot tackle this gigantic challenge alone. There is a dire need that the federal government should pay special attention to Balochistan and lend all possible support the provincial government to deal with the epidemic. In this regard, the announcement of a special package for Balochistan by the Federal Government is an important requirement of the time. China is a trusted friend of ours, and despite being a victim of the outbreak itself, is helping Pakistan in this difficult time. Balochistan should be given its legitimate share in terms of experts, doctors, devices and medicines coming from China. Pertinently, Balochistan has a special significance because a large number of Chinese engineers and experts are working in the province. So the people of the province rightfully deserve, the bulk of aid coming from China.

The Pak army, in accordance with its magnificent traditions, is once again standing shoulder to shoulder with the nation in dealing with the Corona virus. Under the given circumstances there is also need to increase the local production of test kits, masks, etc. under military supervision. All these essential items should also be provided to Balochistan immediately in large quantities. Effective federal support will definitely help the provincial government to cope with this outbreak and the tireless efforts of Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal will yield positive results. However, it is important here to appreciate and acknowledge the role of the people of Balochistan in dealing with today’s difficult situation.

Preventive measures as said above are the most effective means to fight CORONA virus. What is needed is that all political and social organizations, especially scholars from different schools of thought, should come forward in a big way and play their due role to assist the governments at this critical point of time and help maintain law and order in the country besides sensitizing people about this fatal disease.

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