“On observing 73rd Pakistan day, we have to fight against corona pandemic” ; TJP Chief

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Rawalpindi:   (Parliament Times)   Muhammad Abdullah Hameed Gul
Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJP) said
in a statement on the 23 March occasion of 73rd Pakistan day
that, like today, March 23, 1940, the national solidarity is to
fight against such pandemic as corona. It is time we all give
proof of one nation. He said countries including Australia,
France and the United Kingdom have announced a generous
package of their people so that their people do not face any
shortage of food at home while lock down. Our Prime Minister
addressed the nation twice but he has not yet made a decision
on the financial package. The poor and needy people are
looking at them. During the lockdown, their families will face
serious problem which are very disturbing. He said this time it
was a political parties not point-scoring, all politicians made a
unanimous decision for the betterment of the people. He
appealed to the people to remain within their homes. He
added that the situation is under our control at present. It is
appealed to the people to stay in their homes by following the
government policy so as to prevent further spread of Corona. ?
He urged the government to adopt a policy similar to that of
China and complete lockdown in the country so that it could be
controlled. They have finally appealed to all men to ask God for
forgiveness of their sins. At this moment all the developed
countries of the world are looking helpless in the face of a small

backdrop, they have to think about humanity, leaving more

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