Letter To The Editor



Highly irresponsible
Highly irresponsible, deplorable and condemn able attitude of the people, by and large, towards adopting preventive measures against Corona Virus is forcing the federal and provincial government to take extraordinary steps of partial or full locking down and call the army in aid of the civil administration under Article 245 of the Constitution. Quite obviously we are passing through an extra-ordinary which calls for taking extraordinary measures also particular when the people at large are not serious, responsible and non-cooperative to say the least. It is all the more shameful and regrettable that even sensible and educated people are also not observing the preventive measures against the invading contagious  diseases what to talk about their urging fellow people to be responsible and behave appropriately by taking all possible preventive measures as being told through print and electronic media throughout day and night. Extraordinary step like locking down is being being taken by the federal and provincial governments after their emphatic appeals to the people to stay in their homes, adopt social distancing and avoiding enbracing or shaking hands with others regrettably fell on their deaf ears. Opinion leaders including religious scholars, ulema, mashaikh, scholars, writers should urge the people to adopt all preventive measures to safeguard themselves, their families and others against this killing disease and also keep
praying and seeking forgiveness of Almighty Allah for mercy and blessings and vowing to sun sins and be good , right and positive thinking people. Politicians ,irrespective of party affiliations, in particular requested to brush aside all sorts of politics and observe preventive measures themselves, avoid public gathering , use face masks and urge fellow countrymen to do the needul likewise. Social distancing and self-isolation for some days is not too much to ask from the people of all shades of schools of thoughts at this most critical juncture of our
history, please.Thanks.