Masood Khan urges intellects to challenge repression in IOJK through their works

Islamabad: : (Parliament Times) President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that our poets, writers, academicians and intellectuals should use their talent, intellect, the power of their pen and orations for the progress and prosperity of humanity. He said that their creative skills should promote educational, cultural and social aspirations of the masses. He urged them to challenge aggression and repression of any kind witnessed around them. By doing this, their poetry and writings would become a source of guidance for all, he added. Today, the oppressed people of IOJ&K are calling you for help as they are shackled, besieged and subjected to the worst type of state terrorism, he added.

President Masood made these comments while addressing a book launching ceremony of the poetic collection of famous poet Tahir Hanfi, titled “Gongi Hijrat”, organized by International Literary and Cultural Organization “Ishara” in Islamabad. The ceremony was attended by poetry lovers who descended in large numbers. The attendants also included professors, former diplomats, intellectuals, academicians and students.

The august gathering of connoisseurs was addressed by Prof. Dr. Ehsan Akbar, Prof. Sabeen Younas, Syed Abrar Hussain former diplomat, Mrs. Perveen Tahir, Mr. Jabbar Mirza, Jamal Nasir Usmani, Akbar Ali Abbas and Mr. Tahir Hanfi, who regaled the audience with their wide range of inspiring poetry recitations.

While addressing the audience, President Masood asserted that today – the jugular vein of Pakistan – Kashmir is under the ferocious clutches of our enemy, it is burning and bleeding. The whole State of IOJK is under siege and it has been literally turned into a prison, Mr. Khan added.

He went on to say that the religious and political liberties of the people of IOJK have been snatched. There is a complete ban on the media and the freedom of speech has been trampled. Around 13,000 young Kashmiris have been picked up and put into concentration camps, and are being subjected to unimaginable tortures. Women are being molested and raped; while even the innocent children and the elderly are not spared by brutal Indian forces.

President Masood said that in the decade of 1950-60, numerous writers produced valuable novels, fictions and essays; and now is the time, he urged, for our writers and poets to once contribute towards ending the genocide in IOJ&K and unveiling the fascist tools used by the Indian government led by PM Narendra Modi who is pursuing the Hindutva doctrine in collaboration with RSS, Bajrang Dal and other extremist and fascist organizations.

President Masood appreciated the poetry work of Mr. Tahir Hanfi and termed it a “unique creation”. He told the audience that famous Urdu poet and intellectual Mr. Iftikhar Arif has also praised Tahir Hanfi’s poetic talent and contributions. He further said that Prof. Dr. Ehsan Akbar’s presence at this ceremony is in itself a testimony and acknowledgement of Mr. Tahir Hanfi’s works of poetry.

Towards the end, various writers and poets who were present at this event presented the President with their newly created/ written books.

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