India plans to carry out massive carnage in Kashmir: AJK president


Our Correspondent,

MUZAFFARABAD:    Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has said that constant struggle for the liberation of occupied Kashmir is obligatory for us, and instead of telling the world about the death toll and the stories of molestation of women at the hands of Indian occupation troops, we will have to start struggle in a way that turns the tide of the history.

He said this while addressing Kashmir conference organized by Jamaate Islami Azad Kashmir in Dudhial on Sunday. Presided over by Tehrik-e-Kashmir UK Chief Raja Fahim Kayani, the conference was also addressing by Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdur Rashid Turabi, Hurriyat Conference leader Altaf Hussian Butt, Naib Amir Jamaate Islami Azad Kashmir Sheikh Abdul Matin, Shaukat Ali Kayani president Dudhial Bar Association Raja Altaf Khan Amir Jamaate Islami Mirdpur district Raja Idrees Khan Advocate and Raja Fahim Kayani.

The AJK president said that After the Indian actions of August 5, the Pakistani expatriates had played an active role in holding rallies and demonstrations in the UK and other European states in support of the Kashmir cause, and Raja Fahim Kayani and his colleagues deserve appreciation for motivating the local MPs and councilors.

He urged the youth to utilize modern communication means to project the Kashmir cause throughout the world. “If you ask the people from North American to Asia-Pacific and from Karachi up to Khunjrab about the solution of Kashmir issue, all of them will say with one voice that Kashmir would never be saved only through the struggle on political and diplomatic means,” he said adding that jihad was inevitable for liberation of held territory from the Indian yoke.

About his recent visit to Malaysia, the state president said that the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad asked him to convey his message to the Kashmiri people that they would certainly achieve freedom. “You should end your differences, inculcate unity in your ranks, and reduce the number of your enemies and expand the circle of your friends, strengthen your economy, and do not take any decision in haste,” he said and added that Mahathir’s message was very wise and precious.

Addressing the audience, he said that India has already attacked you by occupying IOK which was an integral part of our land. All Indian political parties have equally contributed to repression against the Kashmiri people during the last more than 70 years, while the incumbent BJP regime together with the RSS want to completely eliminate the Muslims in India and Kashmir, and they are going to carry out massive carnage in India.

He said that Narendra Modi has already threatened to use nuclear weapons against Pakistan. Even a mad man is aware that the use of nuclear weapons will affect not a single country but the whole region.

Speaking on the occasion, former Jamaat Islami Azad Kashmir Amir and member AJK Legislative Assembly, Abdur Rashid Turabi said that the people and the government of Pakistan have an persistent commitment to the Kashmir cause, and this is a big asset for us. The state president Sardar Masood Khan is effectively pleading the Kashmir case on political and diplomatic fronts in the length and cranny of the world.

President Tehrike Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani said that it was the responsibility of the Pakistani and the Kashmiri community living across the world to highlight Kashmir cause and build international public opinion in favor of the oppressed people of Kashmir.