Chair KC-EU praises efforts of MEPs including Shaffaq Mohammed for a motion in EU parliament against Indian citizens law


Brussels: (PR)  Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Mr Ali Raza Syed has praised efforts of Members of European parliament (MEPs), who tabled a resolution in the EU parliament against Indian controversial citizen law.

It is important to mention that a resolution has been tabled by MEPs Shaffaq Mohammed, Petras Auštrevi?ius, Catherine Bearder, Phil Bennion, Katalin Cseh, Chris Davies, Barbara Gibson, Charles Goerens, Martin Horwood, Moritz Körner and Irina Von Wiese against controversial Indian citizens bill.

In a statement Ali Raza Syed said, we welcome this important development and especially appreciate MEP Shaffaq Mohammad and other MEPs for their efforts in the context.

Shaffaq Mohammad in a video message from Brussels the European headquarters said, this Indian citizen amendment act has been reacted by the people of India and resulted loss of life and injuries of the large number of people during the protest against this new discriminated law.

Debate on the resolution tabled by these MEPs would be held in January’s final preliminary session of the European parliament next week.

The MEP Shaffat Mohammed expressed hope for success of the resolution as saying by raising this voice, we want to convey our concerns about the discriminated act in India.

Another MEP Irina Von Wiese also published a separate video message along with Shaffaq Mohammed said, we concerns about human rights situation in India. India should change this controversial law, Shaffaq Mohammed added.

Chairman KC-EU Ali Raza Syed continued, International community should open their eyes that beside Kashmiris, people of India from different communities are also not safe from the brutal behavior of the sitting Modi’s government, which promotes fascism and extremism in that country.