Our desire for peace be not construed as our weakness: FM


WASHINGTON/ISLAMABAD:    Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Indian army has aggressive designs against Pakistan but our desire for peace be not construed as our weakness.

Foreign minister said this during his address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington.

He went on to say Pakistan-US relations are very important. Pakistan wants tension between US and Iran is defused. The parties should not take any step aimed at escalating tension.

“We desire peace for development. Pakistan will not become part of any war in the region. Peace will remain elusive in the region without peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan has played a key role in war on terror in the region”, he underlined.

He said RSS is on the way to turn India into Hindu state. Kashmir is still on the agenda of Security Council as unresolved issue, he added.

FM on the other hand met with US under secretary for defence John Rood and he apprised the latter of details about his visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

FM also exchanged views with Senator Lanzaygrahm on bilateral relations between Pakistan and US.

He also met Congressmen and during his meeting with them FM said Taliban have come to negotiation table due to the persistent efforts by Pakistan.

Friendship with US spans over seven decades, he added. Democratic leader Tahir Javed was also present on the occasion.

In an interview with TV channel Folks News, FM said US-Iran conflict is perilous for the entire region which will yield dire consequences.

He indicated that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and FM Javad Zarif also donot want escalation in the situation. They know that escalation in situation will lead to what outcome.

Defusing tension is in every one interest, he said adding the strife between two countries will disturb oil prices besides affecting global economy adversely.

He urged that steps will have to be taken to ease tension emanated from air strikes.

A day before FM said during his meeting with UIS Senate Foreign Affairs leadership that there can be no peace and stability in South Asia unless Kashmir issue is sorted out as per aspirations of people of Kashmir.

Citing to Pakistan role in easing tension in Middle East he said Pakistan stands with peace and we will do for promotion of peace and facilitation whatever is possible.

During his meeting with US under secretary of defence John Rood , the two exchanged views on Pakistan-US strategic cooperation and regional issues.

John Rood gave briefing to Qureshi on cooperation in defence. John Rood lauded Pakistan efforts for peace and security in the region.

Qureshi said defence and security cooperation is vital part of bilateral ties. US decision for restoration of military training program is of added significance. It will open new avenues for cooperation on defence matters between the two countries.

Addressing Pakistani community he said UNSC had taken up Kashmir issue once again a day before. Pakistan had requested UNSC to deliberate over Kashmir conundrum.

He underscored India is continuing violations of ceasefire on LoC. India committed 3000 ceasefire violations during 2019.

Indian government has proved that there is no room for minorities in India, he remarked. Indian citizenship amendment bill is discrimination against the Muslims. All the minorities in India have rejected this bill.

He told Pakistani community “a befitting reply was given to Indian aggression in February last year and we shot down two Indian aircrafts in our defence.