Modi government should focus on ongoing human tragedy in India rather than shedding crocodile tears for minorities: FO

ISLAMABAD:     Pakistan has brushed aside Indian propaganda about ill treatment of minorities in the country.

It has been said in a statement issued by Foreign Office (FO) that terming the individual law and order related incident in Peshawar and Nankana Sahib as persecution of minorities by BJP government is part of India’s traditional campaign of character assassination of Pakistan. This aims at diverting the attention of world from ongoing state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and organized biased steps against minorities in India.

The statement further said “ Pakistan categorically rejects these baseless allegations leveled by India.

Through such allegations and propaganda, India can not cover up situation arising out of people reaction against India’s illegal steps in Occupied Kashmir Including enforcement of discriminatory citizenship amendment act and NRC. Pakistan attaches much reverence to places of worship of all minorities including holy sites of Sikhs.

“We strongly reject all allegations of attack on Gurdwara Nankana Sahib and its desecration. These white lies are part of notorious propaganda blitz of RSS and BJP and India will have to meet failure in this campaign too like before. Sikh community from all across the world is fully aware of this fact that too much importance is accorded by Imran Khan led government to minorities and their places of worship, statement added.

Statement further said ,inauguration of historical Kartarpur corridor on November 2019 is manifestation of thinking of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on this count. India is making heinous bid to play politics on the incident of murder of Sikh youth which is mischievous and condemnable.

As soon as this incident of murder came to fore, case was registered immediately and high profile l inquiry committee was constituted; The perpetrators of the offence will be punished as per law of the land.

Pakistan is country of followers of different religions including Hindu, Sikh and Christians. They live together with this diversity. Pakistan constitution provides equal rights to its all citizens and government considers it its obligation to deal sternly with any kind of discrimination. BJP government which is having RSS mindset has no right to present itself as custodian of rights of minorities;. BJP government bloody face stands exposed before the world in the perspective of shahadat of Babri mosque, massacre of thousands of ,Muslims in Gujarat, lynching of people through fanatics and hate based countless incidents against the minorities.

It would be better for BJP government to focus on ongoing human tragedy in India rather than shedding crocodile tears for minorities and provide protection to its minorities against “zofrani terrorism.

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