Any damage to be caused to parks, public property during public meetings will be recovered from respective political party: PHA RWP

RAWALPINDI:    Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Rawalpindi has issued policy for protection of public parks during public meetings that any damage caused to the parks and public property during public meeting will be recovered from the respective political party.

According to media reports, chairman PHA Rawalpindi Asif Mehmood has said PHA Rawalpindi does not allow any political party to hold public meetings and gatherings in parks because due to public meetings precious plants and trees are damaged and public property is destroyed. A plant grows into tree after years long efforts and labor. The leadership of all political parties should persuade their party workers not to damage the public property and spoil the environment.

He stated any political party including PTI if holds public meeting in public park then any damage caused to the park and public property will be recovered from the concerned political party. The amount to be recovered so from political party will not be considered fee for holding public meeting but it will be spent on offsetting the loss caused to the plants and property.

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