Mr PM be friendly with medi


M.Z.RIFAT, LAHORE                                                                           Letter to the editor

Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to be annoyed and angry with the media. Only yesterday, he has charged that the newspaper media is writing against the government. The PM is persistently stepping on the wrong foot to say the least.
Not all tv channels and not all newspapers are hostile towards the PTI’s federal and provincial governments. Instead of lashing out at the media, which hardly suits the chief executive of the country, the PM should better pull up his teams of advisors and party media advisors and spokesmen and more importantly the federal and provincial governments public relations department and ask them as to what they are doing, why such hostile things are appearing in the media.
If the newspapers are duly fed with pro and positive material by the Press Information Department of the federal government and Directorate General of Public Relations of the Punjab then quite obviously the newspapers have to publish whatever material they get from other sources.This scribe is witness to the PID and DGPR’s failing in performing their duties of projection of the positive image of their respective governments and merely organizing press conferences of the ministers and advisors and pulling up chairs for them.
The newspapers main source of income is not from their circulation but from advertisements. Federal and provincial governments advertisements in the newspapers encourage the private sector advertising parties to also get their advertisements published in the newspapers to reach the government quarters concerned.
The former ruling parties were not only resorting to lavish advertising in the newspapers but their leaders were also pretty friendly with the media. The PM and CM Punjab are requested to be friendly with the electronic and print media people as well as the bureaucrats and get things going in right direction onwards, please. Thanks.