Dialogue between US and Taliban must for sustainable peace in Afghanistan

Terms Indian citizenship bill as a threat to minorities especially Muslims,

Rawalpindi:     (Parliament Times)     Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan
and Kashmir (TJP), Abdullah Hameed Gul has said the way for
peace in Afghanistan will be established through sustainable
and renewed dialogue process between Taliban and the United

Addressing the participants in Research Institute in Islamabad,
he said it is a good omen that Zalmay Khalilzad has taken the

political and armed forces leadership into confidence which will
pave the way for establishing peace in Afghanistan.

Abdullah Hameed Gul said the indication given by US President
Donald Trump for restoration of dialogue with Taliban could be
a great step forward towards peace in Afghanistan.

He said the meeting between Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah
Mehmood Qureshi and US Envoy on Afghanistan would yield
positive result for the early restoration of dialogue between the
two sides and termed it a great breakthrough.

He said Zalmay Khalilzad has appreciated Pakistan's sincere
efforts and successful diplomacy in establishing peace in war-
torn country. He hoped that dialogue between USA and Taliban
will be restored for establishing durable peace in Afghanistan.

Referring Indian Prime Minister government's controversial
amendment act on citizenship, he said the move is a stain on
the face of secularism in India. He said the lives of minorities
especially Muslims have put in danger.

Regarding Kashmir issue, he said the held territory is lock down
situation, where movement of the Kahmiri people is

suspended. They are being tortured and face worst kind of
atrocities including molestation of their women and languishing
prison sentence.

He urged the International Community to play its due role and
stop India from committing atrocities against innocent
Kashmiris. H said the guarantee for peace could not be
provided without barring India from human rights violations.

Abdullah Hameed Gul said Pakistan has always played a leading
role for establishing peace in the region and warned India not
to construe our peace gesture as weakness.

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