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Islamophobia and Clash of Civilizations

Writer:Mujtaba Haider

In the instantaneous aftermath of 9/11, there were endless debates about “clash of civilizations” between the Muslim and the Non-Muslim worlds. It is no longer fashionable to discuss the concept. But something that looks splashing like “Clash Of Civilizations” is emerging even so.
The islamo-phobic wave, with its ruthless rhetoric ‘War against Terrorism’ positions Islam as the only enemy of the western order, which ultimately incubate and cultivate terrorism.
The China’s decision to imprison more than  1 M Ugihar Muslims in a province of Xingiang in mass internment camp is a part of an episode visualizing clash of civilization based on religion. The internment process began in 2017 and It is attracting international condemnations. A UN human rights panel called on China to release illegally detained Ugihars. The world’s slowness in respond to China’s actions highlights and reflects hostile attitude to Muslim minorities in other parts of world.
Similarly, India, Asia’s other emerging power besides China,has been governed by BJP which considered Islam as alien to India. What India is doing in Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370 and 35A is a clear image of their anti-Muslim sentiments. Other minorities are also suffering in so called world largest democratic country.
Same has happened in the case of Palestine, where Jews are brutally killing Muslims. The case of Myanmer is of no difference where anti Muslim sentiments has flarred up in recent past. Almost 7,000,00 Rohangiya Muslims were forced to leave the country by army offensives,amid reports of rape and murder. Most of them are living in Banglasdesh as refugees.
World has witnessed that Donald Trump won the presidency after campaigning to ban all the Muslims from entering the USA. Besides USA,those parties who campaigned against the Muslim immigration are now in power in Hungry,Austria, Italy and Poland–While they are powerful opposition forces in Germany and France.
Considering all that, we may conclude that Islamophobia is now a central part of politics in most of the world’s major power centres- from US to EU ,China to India.
Coinciding with anti-Muslim sentiments in non muslim world, there is an increase in intolerant Islamism in Muslim countries.
In Pakistan,the situation has been worsening for decades. Islamists are using blasphemy laws as a weapon to obtain desire objectives. The murder of Salman Taseer and Mishal Khan took place under the curtain of blasphemy laws. The murderer of Salman Taseer ,later, became a hero of Islamist movement.
Campaigns against blasphemy were practiced in Indonesia as political weapon in 2017 and on wards. Recep Tayyab Erdogan, president of Turkey, was once lauded in west as a model of modernizing democrat is now making effort to Islamise his country.
Misconception about Islam and Muslims accrued after 9/11 incident.A controversial Canadian journalist ,Manji, wrote a book ” what’s wrong with Islam” . The summary of her book is ” the only problem with Islam is with its representation and expression. Representation of Islam should be corrected to change the ideology of west towards east. Moreover, the increasing intolerance in Muslims and cruel attitude of Non-Muslims towards Muslims ,especially after 9/11, is a mere episode of Clash of civilization. World has to witness much more ,still…

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