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AJK observes world special persons day

Altaf Hamid Rao.
MIRPUR (AJK):    The Universal Day of special ( physically handicapped) persons was observed in Azad Jammu Kashmir on Tuesday with the renewal of the pledge to lend maximum services and collective efforts by all classes of the society for the rehabilitation of the disabled persons to enable them to spend the respectable life in the society.
            Walks of the handicapped persons including blind, mentally, hearing impaired and physically retarded and deaf and dumb persons in various parts of AJK were the hall mark of the day in order to raise wisdom among the healthy people of the society to share their services for the rehabilitation of the handicapped / special persons.
            Seminars and symposiums were also held in various districts including Mirpur wherein speakers highlighted the importance of observance of the day around the globe. Speakers called for extension of maximum services by the people including philanthropists and the social welfare organizations for the rehabilitation of the disabled persons.
            Our AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao reports from Mirpur that a walk of the special persons including disabled  including blind, deaf and dumb persons  was held under the auspices of various local NGOs and social welfare organizations.  Special children participating in the walk were holding placards and banners bearing slogans of their determination to continue moving ahead to turn their selves as the useful citizens of the country to serve the nation with normal country-fellows.
            The walk, participated by the special children / students of local schools of disabled persons including Zobia School for Special Children, Kashmir Institute of Special Education, (KISE),  Kashmir Orphen Relief Trust (KORT), Dar ul Zeenat,  and AKAAB school, started from central Shaheed chowk and culminated at the same site after passing through various city streets and culminated at the very site of its start – the Chowk Shaheedan
            Heads of various local NGOs running the aforesaid rehabilitation centers and schools including Arshad Mahmood Mughal, Khawaja Zaffar Iqbal and others led the walk.
            On this occasion, speakers including Arshad Mahmood Mughal, Khawaja Zaffar Iqbal others lauded the role of those handicapped persons spending respectable life through their self support without depending upon others.
           They  called for the dispensation of all required facilities to the handi-caped persons including disabled children considering them the special citizens in true perspectives instead of only relying upon the lip service to make them the useful citizens of the country at par with the normal children.
 Speakers  also called for the establishment of educational institutions for special children by the government in Azad Jammu Kashmir to provide them quality education.

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