The Obscure death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Hafeezullah kakar

The death of Baghdadi has been in the limelight, when the president of the United States, announced it on October 27. Baghdadi was the leader of the ISIS and was claimed to be killed in a raid by the US Special Forces, in the northwestern Idlib province, Syria. A burning question is that the US did not show the dead body of Baghdadi. The debate is up in the air, andsome people around the world call in question the death of Baghdadi which begets more and more questions.

On Friday November 1, Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, speaking to the Russian 24 news channel, called Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as the US brainchild, and also said that Moscow has doubts over the death of Baghdadi. Lavrov said, “Daesh arose after the illegal invasion in Iraq, the collapse of the Iraqi State and the release of the extremists from prisons by the Americans. Therefore, to a certain extent, the Americans eliminated the one they gave birth to, if it actually happened”. He said that their military is finding into facts about the US’ claim. Russia call to account of this matter, Lavrov said that the US claim has thus, instigated the Russian military to leave no stone untouched, in a quest for the reality of the US’claim.

To come off it, the US Congressman Adam Fisher (the head of House of Representatives Intelligence Committee) doubts the death of Baghdadi, after the Trump’s ambiguous announcement. About the video, released by the Pentagon, he said, “We see the troops moving towards the edge of the compound. We don’t see them going inside the tunnel”. While laboring the point, Mr.Trump said that he wants to keep that matter secret and doesn’t intend to share the secret information with Adam Schiff, and called him the biggest leaker in Washington. The dearth ofevidence against Adam Schiff suggests that Trump has drawn a veil on the facts, and this obscurity marks that the death of Baghdadi does not stand to reason.

On one hand, President Trump thanked Russia for its involvement in the operation with the US. He said, “The Russians were very cooperative, they really were good, Russia treated us great. They opened up, we had to fly over the Russia-held areas and Russia was great”. Whereas on other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov refuted the Trump’s statement and said that the Russian Defense Ministry had no such information of the US’conducting an operation, for the elimination of leader of Daesh. The Russian Defense Ministry also rejected the statement of Russian providing an access to US air units to enter the airspace,in the Idlib de-escalation zone. A point worth noticing is that theIdlib de-escalation zone is currently under the hold of Jebhat al-Nusra (the branch of Al-Qaeda), and there is struggle for power between the ISIS and the al-Nusra Front. So how it is so childish to say that the ISIS leader was trying to hide himself in the territory of its rival group.

Konashenkov further said that Baghdadi was already killed, as several times being claimed but later disproven. In 2015, the Iraqi army claimed killing Baghdadi. They claimed that they have killed the leader Baghdadi along with seven other members of the ISIS in an airstrike in Al Anbar province. Later this news turned to be false as no such evidences were shown. In May 2017, Russia claimed that it has killed ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi, and 300 other ISIS fighters in an airstrike in Raqqa. The Russian Defense Ministry said that it has informed US of the airstrike but the US-led coalition said it couldn’t confirm that Baghdadi has been killed. No such evidences were provided by Russia to support its claim.

Furthermore, US aggravates its troops as crossing the rubicon, in executing the task to eradicate terrorism. The US claims that it clamped down the ISIS stronghold, but the ground reality is that American services do not stand in good stead. The outstanding reality is that the US drops into intervention there, for oil whichentices US to continue its struggles in the Middle East. For that matter, the US has created organizations such as ISIS that begets turmoil in the region, and the US keeps its backstairs influenceof the oil. Trump said that US forces has secured the oil from the hold of ISIS and it may take some oil to its country. Russia has condemned the US pursuit to pillage the oil and said that doing so will violate the UN law of resources pillaging. The US, on the other hand, will clip the interfering wings so as to secure itslegitimacy over the oil of the region.

Moreover, Currently, President Trump is hounded by critics, and his claim is designed to ease off his appeasement, and to help him re-elected in the coming US Presidential Elections of 2020. He wants to deviate the scorn that has been arisen due to the damage he has done to the US Political Standing. The claim may not prove to be helpful in altering the ground reality, if the US fails to provide solid proofs of its claim.