Weakening law, order has doubled traders’ miseries: RCCI


Rawalpindi:     (Parliament Times)     The business community has expressed its deep concerns over the deteriorating law and order situation in the city besides alarming surge in incidents of robberies and dacoities

Shop locks have been broken, traders have been looted at the show market and tyre market in Ganjamundi police station area; two people were killed in a coal center at the police station in Cantt. Sadar. Firing incident occurred during a robbery at City Saddar.

Addressing at the executive committee meeting, The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Saboor Malik, said that the growing incidents in the city cause severe disturbance in the business community, they are insecure.

President RCCI said that the ongoing slump in economy has already broken the backbone of industrial sectors whereas the deteriorating law and order situation has doubled the miseries of the traders. He said that it seemed the whole city was being controlled by the robbers who looted traders including common man whenever and wherever they wanted.

The district administration, especially the RPO and CPO, should ensure the peace and security of the business community and the public, he demanded. He said that businesses are already suffering due to the economic downturn. Raising police patrols and adopting modern technology can help administration to maintain law and order. He said that the safe city project has become indispensable due to the spread of markets and population in Rawalpindi city. Senior Vice President Nosherwan Khalil, Vice President Hamza Saroosh, former President Shahid Saleem, and the executive committee members attended the meeting.