*Massive rally for plebiscite held in Azad Kashmir*


Saqib Ali Haidri

Muzaffarabad (Parliament Times): Protest Procession followed by a rally was staged against Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) under the aegis of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir and International Forum for Justice and Human rights here on Thursday

Thousands of people gathered at Bank Square Chatter including children, women and handicap persons.

Protestors were holding banners and placards stated slogans against Indian atrocities, pro-freedom besides demand for plebiscite.

While addressing on the occasion, Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Uzair Ahmed Ghazali said that Jammu and Kashmir is internationally recognized conflict area according to the passed resolution of United Nations passed on 5th January 1949, “we gathered here and demanding United Nations to implement these resolutions.”

He said that Pakistan consistently seconded the United Nations resolutions to solve Kashmir issue, but India is infringing these resolutions for the last 71 years.

“On 5th August 2019, India took an illegal step in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir against the consent of people through military power, people of Jammu and Kashmir have rejected such Indian acts” he added.

Vice Chairman International Forum for Justice and Human Rights Mushtaq ul Islam on the occasion said that they were gathered to appeal all countries including permanent members of Security Council in United Nations General Assembly for the provision of right to self determination to people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“we declared it as referendum (Plebiscite) rally to demonstrate that we demand plebiscite in the State of Jammu and Kashmir as per UN resolutions” Mushtaq maintained.

Shaukat Javed Mir said that solution of Kashmir issue is inevitable as per UN resolutions for sustainable peace between India and Pakistan.

He said that IOK is in military siege including communication blackout and curfew for the last 54 days, “These acts are against human rights and cautions the global community about its hazards” he said.

They appealed the United Nations to uplift curfew, resumption of communication system and access to media in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Women in the protest also expressed their concerns on the arrest of more than 14 thousands Kashmiri people besides blockade of food, medicines and routine Life in the Occupied Valley.

They said that Indian atrocities through bullets, pellets and manhandling the people of Jammu and Kashmir as an attack on freedom of expression.

Resolutions were passed in the public gathering and later on presented to United Nations Mission office addressing the Secretary General for plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.