Bi-cycle rally in Brussels for solidarity with oppressed of Kashmiris


Brussels: ( Rasheed Ahmed )  A bi-cycle rally was organized in Brussels, the capital of Belgium in order to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian occupied Kashmir.
The rally arranged by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) started from Place Schuman at front of
European External Action Service, European Council and European Commission offices and
ended at front of European Parliament in the capital city.
Carrying flags of Kashmir and placards having slogans for solidarity with the Kashmiris, the
participants of the rally headed by Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed marched on the
roads in the city.
Beside, the elders, children and youth were also participants of the rally which attracted the
people while driving on the roads. Drivers stopped their vehicles in many places in order to view
the rally favoring Kashmiris.
It is important to mention that KC-EU has boosted its awareness campaign against the Indian
illegal actions in occupied Kashmir including revoking special status of Jammu and Kashmir and
continued Indian brutalities in the disputed land.
On the occasion of cycle rally, chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, life of people
of Kashmir valley has been paralyzed as they are facing severe hardships due to crimes against
the humanity committed by the Indian forces in this occupied territory. It is 22 days now, people
of occupied Kashmir are facing curfew. A large number of the political leaders and activists are
arrested. People face food’s shortage and other difficulties.
Ali Raza Syed urged the international community to send their fact-finding missions and stop the
human rights violation in the occupied Kashmir.
He also asked the civilized world including people and governments of Europe to stop the Indian
authorities from further violation of human rights of oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairman KC-EU appealed the major powers of the glob to pressurize India to give right to self-
determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, so that they could be able to decide about
their future in a free atmosphere under international supervision.