VOP asks UN to slap sanctions on India


RAWALPINDI:            The Veterans of Pakistan (formerly PESA) on Friday demanded of the United Nations to impose sanctions on India over the grave violations of the UN Charter and resolutions of the Security Council.

A meeting of the executive council of VOP was held with its President Lt. Gen (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan in the chair. During the meeting, veterans expressed grave concern over the violation of human rights by India.

Members expressed satisfaction over the way in which our foreign policy was being conducted. For decades, the world powers and United Nations have been stuck on just asking for bilateral talks between India and Pakistan and it is for the first time that they have talked about solving the issue under Security Council Resolution, they said.

Members, however, feel that this is not enough. United Nations must now consider imposing sanctions on India for violation of the UN Charter and human rights. It is apparent by the offer of mediation that the US government has realized the gravity of the present situation. It must warn India about possibilities of sanctions by the USA also, they demanded.

The former military leaders expressed appreciation at the Government’s decision of not disturbing command structure of the Army at a stage when the country is engaged in a multi-dimensional war with serious threat of escalation.