Zartaj Gul announces blanket ban on sale and purchase of polythene bags

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Islamabad:  (Parliament Times)     Minister for climate change Zartaj Gul has announced a blanket ban on the sale and purchase of polythene bags in different cities after 14 August.

About 80pc of total litter and more than 80pc of drain blockages in Pakistan are caused by these polythene bags. By heap of plastic bags in home can be the caused of Malaria and Dengue etc.

The chemicals used in the production of plastic bags are toxic and detrimental to the human body. These toxins can cause Cancers, congenital disabilities and Immune systems etc.

There atleast 21 industries of plastic in pakistan. These industries produce between 250kg to500kg plastic bags per day. According to fresh news “only from the markets of karachi city 90,000tons of municipal waste generate every day”.

Additional, last year eight billion tons of plastic waste end-up in oceans. As a result of this, A young whale from Philippines ocean died by Gastric Shock after eating 40kg plastic bags.

The sindh government had imposed a ban on the manufacturing, sale, purchase and use of polythene bags in 1994,punjab followed same in 1995,while Balochistan imposed ban in 2001. by not being serious and lack of physical actions industries are still producing polythene bags without fear.

We can easily get-rid from this hazardous plastic bags, if government increase the taxes on plastic and decrease taxes on cotton and paper, by yhis industries produce cotton or paper bags instead of plastic bags.

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