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MOU signed in the presence of PM AJK to restore peace in Kashmir

BRUSSELS: (Parliament Times) Kashmir is the oldest and the most serious dispute between Pakistan and India .It has been the source of perpetual conflict since the inception of both the states. Several hot and cold wars have been fought between both the countries which has undermined their bilateral relations. International community and international organizations i.e. UN has played a vital role to resolve the issue. In 1948, right after the inception, UN has passed two cardinal resolutions to resolve the matter but India did not honor its pledge. The conflict has resulted in three major wars, cross border terrorism and the severe violation of human rights in the region. UN and UNSC as amajor actor in international forum have played their roles to restore the peace in the region but somehow it has failed to fulfill the purpose. Pakistan is constantly making efforts to resolve the issue. Almost every day the dispute is under discussion in every arena of Pakistan. People of Pakistan condemn the violation of the human rights and protest against the occupation of India in the region. Every day we observe the protests and the conferences holding in the wake of the dispute, both nationally and internationally. Recently Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Barcelona, Spain addressed the Kashmir issue and led an historical rally.  He insisted to highlight the issue and asked to devisea strategy and policy to resolve it in an effective manner. However the role of the international NGOs and Kashmiri organization cannot be overlooked in this contest. He was addressing the function of MOU among policy research forum and an organization called Nada e Kashmir. Vice chairman of the policy research forum Mansoor Qadir Dar  and the president of Nada e Kashmir Raja Mukhtaar Ahmed Soonihas signed the MOU in the presence of prime minister AJK. It is a milestone which will contribute significantly and effectively in Kashmir issue. Secretary PM Raja AmjadPervaiz Ali ,  director general Jammu and Kashmir liberation cell AJK Fida Husaain Kiyani , Kashmir council EU Ali RazaSyed , secretary general of Muslim league (N) Chaudary Mohammed Naeem  and Malik Mohammed Shareef of Nada-e-Kashmir  attended the function.Along these officials there were  huge number of people belonging to Kashmiri and Pakistani community. PM addressed in function that the bloodshed and sacrifices of the Kashmiri people has changed the dimensions of the struggle and liberationmovement . He stated that AJK is making strong and active ties with NGOs and other organizations working for the Kashmir cause. He further enhanced that Kashmiri community all over the world has to play their role effectively in the liberation movement. This is the requirement of time to collaborate with each other and serve the purpose regarding this issue.

Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir Mr. Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan suggested that “There is a dire need to make a strategy to highlight the Kashmir issue”.

He further emphasized on the significance of the research work as well. He stated, for that reason AJK government is paying attention and working hard to build strong and active relationships with the international NGOs and Kashmiri organizations.A think tank “policy research forum” in AJK is playing a pivotal role for that purpose under the supervision of the research scholars. On this occasion Secretary Kashmir Liberation Cell and also the Vice Chairman of policy research forum Mr. Mansoor Qadir Dar briefed that policy research forum has always been engaged with the big universities and other organizations of AJK but this pact of MOU with Kashmiri NGOs is for the first time in the history. He stated that”

“We will make the strong and active ties among both the organizations. To highlight and enhance the Kashmir issue effectively we will share information with each other .we will also devise strategies and plans by conducting   seminars and workshops and press release in Europe, AJK and Pakistan”.

He also briefed the gathering that under the supervision of PM AJK, policy research forum is spreading awareness among the general public and students .It has also started a campaign in colleges and universities to enlighten the new generation with the gravity of the Kashmir issue and purpose of the Kashmir liberation movement.

At the end of the function Prime minister AJK Raja Farooq Haider Khan presented “Nada e Kashmir Barcelona” with the shield on the behalf of Kashmir liberation cell.

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