Business community stands with PM Imran Khan in his war against corruption, says Iftikhar Malik


LAHORE:     Founder Chairman Pak US Business Council and
United Business Group (UBG) Central Chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik Thursday
espousing Prime Minister’s announcement to form a high-level commission to
investigate rampant corruption over the last 10 years said the business
community will extend all support to Imran Khan in his mission to eliminate
menace of corruption, in all its forms and manifestations, from the country.

Talking to media here Thursday , he said that corruption was not the only
financial wrongdoing but also a misuse of authority and that all chambers
across the country including UBG are fully conscious of its implications
stand by the PM in his efforts to get rid of the menace plagued the
society. He also appreciated Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) government for
taking prompt action on complaints, forwarded by the business community,
related to agriculture and maritime sectors that required immediate

He further said that corruption was a major obstacle to progress of our
country. In the past, Pakistan was undeniably harmed by plundering national
resources through corrupt practices . He said the disgruntled
elements filled their pockets rendering our national exchequer empty.