The traditional hand-made ‘Shikari’ footwear still popular in Zhob

By Rafiullah Mandokhail,

ZHOB: The people of Zhob gave final touch to Eid preparation as shopping for the festive has reached its peak. The city markets are packed with people buying different items for the Eid. The traditional shoes sale has also gotten momentum as the buyers thronged the market in different parts of the city.

The traditional shoes maker on Kandahari bazaar Shakirullah Ghazinwal says, the Chinese and Lahori shoes could not replace the traditional shoes market, as majority of the people still use the famous ‘Shikari’ brand shoes here.

“The demand for these shoes has not been decreased, as the people still seem to be interested in traditional footwear, despite the face that the markets are full of branded shoes”.

Our Shikari brand shoes with its durability and uniqueness in different colours are made of pure leather and tyre sole, as we are attached to this business for decades. There are different varieties, colours and styles of the footwear. The traditional Shikari brand attracts the people of all ages round the year but the demand and influx of the customers increased manifold before the Eid season as the people from rural areas prefer to buy it. He explains.

Meanwhile, some shoppers say, the road side stalls are a blessing for the poor as they are less concerned about fashion and more about prices. Some shops are offering sale in a bid to sell their old stuff before Eid. To highlight this mood of festivity and attract the costumers, all of the major shopping areas are seen decorated with beautiful lights and traditional dresses. However, not everyone seems to be much excited due to skyrocketing inflation. A large number of the customers complains of high prices, which kept them away from the markets.

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