The Beautiful Side of Politic


M.Hussain Amin,

Politics is the practice of ideology of struggle for justice, peace and equal rights. Be it feminists raising their voices for equality of men and women or a students resisting against worst regulations in educational institutes or workers coming onto roads against their exploitation. Politics is never meant to exploit others but to prevent its believers and practitioners being exploited by others or in general the society/community where it exists.

In this age of globalization, our source of information is derived mainly from the conventional media (TV, Radio, Newspapers) and new media (social media). How much they are biased or not in their opinion is really a matter of great concern. And unfortunately, mass audience believes and adopts what they watch and hear. Politics has fallen prey to this irony too. Our self developed picture of “politics” is the most weird and probably “very dirty” as a result of this.

A system should never be judged by its followers; but rather by its ideology. However, it feels the other way round when we take a look at young generation around us. We have to understand that politics is a system just like any other; but far superior to others as it is in the core of all of them. Can we call education dirty or bad just because a certain university has lots of internal issues or runs on corruption of minds in the form of favoritism? The importance of education will remain the same!

Why looking at “politics” with all the hatred in eyes and frustration in mind when it is the only way out of dungeon?

Having political consciousness is the key to sustainable solutions for society we breathe in. If it is corrupted then it does not mean to be translated into famous tag line that “politics is dirty”; it simply means that you need right team to plan and execute agenda that ail society in general.

Sometimes, life is about un-learning and re-learning and it is high time for generation of our age to re-look into this concept of our lives that affect us the most. The first step towards it to break our “myths” about dirtiness of politics and taking it clearly as set of ideologies. Otherwise, we should only expect dark road on which our 64% population of youth will reach a dead end only.

Youth takes aspirations from media and perspires the learning in the form of their hatred towards politics. Young people have high level of mutational abilities in regards to new learning and therefore, it is possible to strengthen the bonds of politics with youth. Sometimes, un-learning is stronger than first time learning.

(The author studies public policy at University of Massachusetts.)