Ali Raza Syed praises victory of first Kashmiri in EU’s elections


Brussels: ( Rasheed Ahmed )     Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed has praised victory of a first
British citizen of Kashmir’s origin as a European Parliamentarian.
It is important to mention that Shaffaq Mohammed, the Lead (UK) based
Liberal Democrats’ candidate for EU parliament won the elections on
In a statement Ali Raza Syed said, victory of Shaffaq Mohammed is a great
honour for all Kashmiris. He expressed hope that the new elected MEP
would actively participate in the efforts against human rights violations in
Indian occupied Kashmir (IHK) as alarge scale abuses against humanity
IHK are continued for seven decades.

Ali Raza Syed also appreciated the efforts of MEP Dr Sajjjad Karim, who
energetically worked on Kashmir issue for his last three tenures at EU
parliament. We can not forget works of Dr Sajjad Karim for raising Kashmir
dispute in Europe, he emphasized.
Chair KC-EU continued, we also valued efforts of former MEP Raja Afzal
Khan for Kashmir cause, who always helped in highlighting the Kashmir
problem in European region. Participation of Wajid Khan and Amjad Bashir
in the struggle on Kashmir in Europe is also highly valuable for us. Ali Raza
Syed expressed hope that these personalities would continued their efforts
on Kashmir issue in future.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU again esteemed the newly elected
Kashmiri-British MEPShaffaq Mohammed and hope he would be able to

obtain support from other MEPs for raising their voice against human rights
violation in Indian Held Kashmir.